Zipline at Runyon Canyon? Heck NO!

In April two local businessmen proposed to city counsel the idea of putting up a 2,900 foot zipline in LA’s beloved Runyon Canyon. Thank goodness it looks like the proposal was stopped quickly in it’s tracks and the eyesore will not go up.

News reports said that the zipline would have been a for-profit endeavor and could cost as much as $50 to take the ride, turning the peaceful park into a potential tourist attraction.

The good: It’s reported that some of the profits would be shared to help improve the park and a free shuttle is said to transport visitors from Hollywood and Highland into the park which could help free up the already overcrowded parking situation at the base of the park.

The bad: Local residents hated it. It will most likely make the area more crowded and invite other commercial endeavors to work there way into the park.

Looks like we dodged a big business bullet with this one fellow hikers!

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