Yoga in the park with professional yoga instructors 3-4 times everyday! This is advertised as a FREE yoga class, but donations are welcomed. Proper etiquette is to toss them a few bucks for their hard work (any amount from $5-15). All levels welcome!



Runyon Canyon, 2000 North Fuller Ave. Los Angeles, CA


For the most up to date times the instructors post on their Facebook page here: Runyon Canyon Yoga


Come prepared with the right supplies (suggestions below) and get there early to get a good spot. The farther you are from the instructor the harder it will be to hear them. Also, check the ground below you before you lay your mat anywhere. An ideal spot would be smooth land without the sun directly on you the entire time...unless you're into sweating then by all means find yourself a nice sunny spot!


Any yoga class requires a little preparation. Here are our favorite supplies:

1. Yoga Mat
2. Yoga towel
3. Water bottle filled with cold water (it gets hot in the sun!).
4. Sunscreen (this is outside yoga) and maybe bug spray if you are planning an evening hike.